We have years of experience building teams, helping people to work effectively together and to explore the best way to approach their work. All of our work is customised to meet your specific team building situation. Here are some examples of events we commonly deliver:

Combine Team Building with Training

Set a goal or vision for improvement, then take a team approach to up-skilling in that area. Common applications include customer service, sales and negotiation. By learning together, you are able to maximise the improvement for the customer and the support you can offer each other after the training.


Team Building to Improve Performance

Lift the bonnet on your team and fine tune your processes and practices. This is really useful for getting new teams up to speed more quickly or rejuvenating stagnant teams.


Team Rescue and Recovery

Iron out differences, rebuild trust and professional boundaries and work out a way forward in a safe environment. Foster collaboration. Reconnect with purpose. Improve conflict competence. Disclose feelings, refuse, request, prioritise and make better decisions collectively.


Creativity and Innovation Events

Generate real solutions to real problems. Learn some new approaches to problem solving. Sometimes known as ‘hack days’, be inspired to think differently while staying on track to get the most out of the day.


Reviewing and Planning Sessions

Look back, celebrate your successes and achievements, then plan future objectives, projects and scenarios with the help of a facilitator to keep you on track.

Looking for something a bit different? Call us today on 01225 344 981 to discuss your team building requirements. Our team building, leadership development and training courses are all tailored to fit, practical, challenging and fun.

Looking for a facilitator?

If you need a professional and experienced facilitator to get the best out of an important or high value meeting please get in touch.


Workplace Mediation

Sometimes things can go very wrong with team members. If you’re too closely involved to be objective and fair, or if the situation is complex as is often the case in family run businesses for example, then we can help mediate with the aim of resolving issues and rebuilding trust.


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“John has been responsive and flexible in developing and providing bespoke training programmes, delivered to a consistently high standard. I have recommended his work to several organisations who have also expressed satisfaction with his planning, delivery, content and continuous quality improvement.”
Barbara Moll, Workforce Development Manager

“John was recommended to me to give Southampton primary admin officers a motivational speech at our summer conference. A very personable a inspirational speaker who integrated wonderfully with our guests. A welcome and refreshing talk was beautifully delivered!”
Debbie Rooke, School Admin Team Manager