Coaching and Mentoring Qualification

Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly popular in organisations as a developmental tool to unlock the potential of their workforce. In a recent Institute of Leadership & Management study, it is reported that 80% of organisations surveyed are currently using or have used coaching.
But how many of these coaches and mentors have received accredited coaching training? Is their time being effectively used with focussed, outcome based coaching and mentoring, or is it just a time to chat and unload?
In my experience of coaching and mentoring many managers believe they know what to do without any formal training – however, coaching and mentoring is an art and takes time to develop and excel in.
In this blog we will look at the reasons why it is important to upskill as a coach or mentor and obtain a qualification in the process.
Reason 1: To become an effective coaching or mentor
The tools a coach and mentor need to excel are extensive, starting from the basics of questioning, listening and reflecting to the advanced tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming. A manager may believe they are a good coach or mentor, however, having a toolkit of diverse and person focussed tools will help them to excel and make real change in their organisation.
Reason 2: Credibility
Whether you are a coaching consultant or a manager, having a qualification lends credibility to the work you do. By undertaking the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring programme you will be able to demonstrate your ability to coach and as well as having a sound knowledge about the principles of coaching & mentoring and their application in the workplace.
Reason 3: Building a Firm Business Case
A part of the qualification you will undertake asks you to consider the importance of coaching & mentoring in the workplace. You will study articles and journals by leading professional bodies such as Harvard Business Review, Personnel Today, Professional Manager and Training Journal all of which will support you in developing a sound business case and evaluation methodology for coaching & mentoring.
Reason 4: Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Every good coach and mentor takes CPD very seriously and effective coaches and mentors benefit from working with other likeminded people. Group activity and supervision plays a large part in the Level 5 Qualification in Coaching & Mentoring and as a result you will have the opportunity to receive personal feedback from your trainer and peers and optional access to personal supervision from our team of expert coaches and mentors.
With 95% of learning & development managers saying that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their business, what better time to start developing your coaching & mentoring skills with a CMI Level 5 Qualification in Coaching & Mentoring.
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